The New Reality
on the Blockchain

Dvision Network

Dvision Network is a new VR content ecosystem
that is based on blockchain technology. Dvision Network presents a new virtual reality world,
where humanity can lead an affluent life, at the very center of the ICT based fourth industrial revolution.


VR-Market : a platform where various VR items are traded.
Developers can sell 3D items that they personally developed.
Besides, users can also request developers to create asset-specific items.
Here, NFT (Non-Fungible Token) technology is exploited in order
to protect the value and ownership of customized items.


VR-Space is a unit component of VR-City, which is the VR world
of Dvision Network. Participants in the Dvision Network can be
assigned with a virtual space called VR-Space on an individual basis.
This space is accessible only to individuals and others who have
gained access to it by purchasing it. It is a virtual space, where
the interior can be decorated by the individual according to his/her
own preferences.

35 DVI
200 DVI
Kitchen cabinet
100 DVI
Irish bar
100 DVI
Mood lamp
25 DVI
Wind Power Plant
50 DVI
Utilization of GameTown
100 DVI
Advertisement Services
300 DVI per month
Using Train Servies
100 DVI
Bank Entrance
200 DVI


VR-city is a collection of numerous VR-Spaces. it is an open virtual reality world where members of the ecosystem of Dvision Network can freely participate.
VR-City includes a variety of VR content providers that engage in it to provide content.


Dvision Network presents the following real life cases where VR is applied, which possesses infinite potential in mind of all areas of business.
This is actually being serviced by NINE VR and plays a significant role in the initial stage of the VR content ecosystem of Dvision Network.

  • [Game]
  • [Exhibition]
  • [Theme park]
  • [Cultural Sites/Landmark]

Token Distribution

Dvision Token
  • Ticker : DVI
  • Token Type : ERC - 20
  • Total Supply : 1,000,000,000 DVI
  • Contract Address :
Token Allocation Token Sale : 20% Development: 25% Ecosystem : 17% Marketing : 15% Reserve : 10% Team : 10% Advisor : 3%

Our team

  • JungHyun Eom CEO

    Bad VR Co., Ltd. (CEO)

    Nine VR Mice Co., Ltd (CEO)

    17 years of experience in

    Franchize Development

    Holds a patent for the developed

    “VR curved”

  • JaeSuk Jang CTO

    KAIST ( Bachelor of Electrical Engineering)

    KAIST (Master of Digital Image Processing)

    Professor of Electrical Engineering

    at the Naval Academy

    Samsung Electronics VD Division

  • SeongChan Hong CLO

    Seoul National University Alumni

    (Department of Law)

    EzLawFirm (Managing Partner)

    (Passed the 43rd Bar Exam)

  • WonKyun Lee Head of Marketing


    Kumkang Co., Ltd

    MetLife Insurance Company Co., Ltd

  • YongJin Chun Marketing Manager

    BAD VR Co., Ltd

    (Head of Business Development & Marketing)

    Top Beads Co., Ltd

    (Real Estate& Business Consulting)

  • Boburjon Muydinov Head of BD

    Korea University Business School

    Bocconi University

    Capital Markets Development Agency

  • SungSoo Kim Head of VR Development

    Cybertec Holdings Information

    Security Technology Part

    Lotte Information and Communication

    Group IDC Center (IT infra maintenance)

    SECUI (IT Consulting)

    HANA SK Card Co., Ltd (IT Planning)

    DNSOFT Co., Ltd (CTO)

  • SangWoo Han VR Developer

    2020 Bio-Korea VR System Development

    Development of VR arcade software

    in K-Startup

  • WonHui Jung VR Developer

    The Korea Creative Content Agency

    (VR gaming content creator)

    2020 Bio-Korea VR System Development

    Software Development in K-Startup

  • JungHwan Kim VR Developer

    The Korea Creative Content Agency

    (VR Industry SME Production Support)

    The Korea Creative Content Agency

    (VR Gaming Content Producer)

    2020 Bio-Korea VR System Development

  • SeHoon Bong VR Developer

    The Korea Creative Content Agency

    (VR Industry SME Production Support)

    The Korea Creative Content Agency

    (VR Gaming Content Producer)

    2020 Bio-Korea VR System Development


  • YongHee Kang Advisor

    Seoul National University

    (Electrical Engineering)

    Cowon System Co., Ltd (Deputy Director)

    Pirline Technology Research

    Institute, Inc. (Director)

    BFlySoft Co., Ltd

    (Service Development Officer)

    Baelleobseu Co., Ltd (Senior Researcher)

    BluBird Co., Ltd (Senior Researcher)

  • JaeHwan Kim Advisor


    (Bachelor of Electronic Engineering)


    (Master of Wireless Communication)

    Electronics and Telecommunications

    Research Institute (ETRI)

  • WoongGi Park Advisor

    Seoul National University

    (Landscape Architecture)

    D-Square Co., Ltd

    Samsung C&T Resort Division

    (Lanspace Project)

    Korea Land & Housing Corporation (LH)

  • DaeWon Ko Advisor

    KAIST (IT Business Management)

    Seoul National University

    (Engineering Education)

    Hyundai Motor Company (HRM)

  • YoungBae Ju Advisor

    Yonsei University

    (Bachelor of Computer Science)

    JoyMTech (CEO)

    MediVenture (CTO)

    XCE (CTO)

    Mappers Map (Data Business Director)

    Sejong University (Professor)

    NineVR (Advisor)

  • SeoWoo Lee Advisor

    The online distribution

    company, Woo (CEO)

    First President of the National VR Union


Custody & Exchanges